There are two categories of rollers - smooth and spreader rollers. The first category ensures the transit of material within the system, whereas the second category ensures the removal of any wrinkle or gathering during transit.
TRASCO designs and produces both types of roller in aluminium or steel, on the basis of customer requirements.
Diameters available: minimum of 60 mm up to a maximum of 200 mm. Lengths available: up to a maximum of 6000 mm.
Journals are made according to customer specifications.
Trasco also has a wide range of aluminium solutions for rollers with alveolar profiles, used where lightweight characteristics and good flexural strength are required. The following diameters are available for this type of solution: 60 mm, 81 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm and 200 mm.
Any type of surface treatment or coating is available.

S-PR.60X31.ALV Alveolar profile 60x31mm - Aluminum EN AW 6060 T5
S-PR.81X40.ALV Alveolar profile 81x40mm - Aluminum EN AW 6060 T5
S-PR.100X45.ALV Alveolar profile 100x45mm - Aluminum EN AW 6060 T5
S-PR.120X66.ALV Alveolar profile 120x66mm - Aluminum EN AW 6060 T5
S-PR.140X60.ALV Alveolar profile 140x60mm - Aluminum EN AW 6060 T5

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