Expanding shafts in carbon fibre

Expanding shafts in carbon fibre provide a practical solution in applications where aluminium shafts cannot be used, for reasons of weight and reel rotation speed. Solutions in steel are normally used in such cases, but they are extremely heavy. An expanding shaft in carbon fibre is the only way to radically solve the problem. Trasco shafts in carbon fibre are made using pultrusion techniques, and are the only type in the world involving the expansion of continuous strips.

TRASCO technology has numerous qualities:

   Thanks to the pultrusion technique, TRASCO obtains carbon fibre bars in the desired format, prepared for assembling pneumatics. As a result, TRASCO eliminates the need for any type of machining from the production process, keeping the fibres intact such that product performance is not compromised, and reducing costs and timescales.

   Expansion with continuous strips helps to reduce the weight of the expanding shaft. A central chamber, which is typical of expansion with keys and is very heavy, is not used.

   Expansion with continuous strips makes maintenance operations for the expanding shaft extremely quick and easy.

Trasco has a wide range of carbon fibre profiles produced using the pultrusion technique. Thanks to special equipment, all profiles have excellent linearity characteristics, with an error margin of approximately 1 mm for every 6 m in length. Trasco profiles are made of high-strength fibres (920 GPa). The number of fibres used and their arrangement within the pultrusion process give the profiles excellent flexural strength and very high critical rotational speed.

2" profile

The 2" profile weighs less than 2 kg per metre. It has exceptional flexural strength and can reach incredibly high rotational speeds.

Ultra-light 3" profile

Il profilo 3" ultraleggero pesa 2,6 Kg al metro e compete con i più efficaci profili in alluminio. Le sue caratteristiche rispetto al nostro più resistente profilo in alluminio sono le seguenti:

  66% più leggero;

  23% più resistente a flessione (a parità di carico applicato).

High-modulus 3" profile

The high-modulus 3" profile weighs 4.1 kg per metre and can match the special expanding shafts made of steel. Compared with shafts produced by milling solid steel bar it has the following characteristics:

  83% lighter;

  28% more flexural strength.

High-modulus 3" profile with wide grooves

This 3" profile with wide grooves was created as a follow-on from the high-modulus 3" profile. It has 21-mm strip housings, ensuring the possibility of transmitting extremely high torque levels. It weighs 3.3 kg per metre.

6" profile

The 6" profile weighs 9.4 kg per metre and can match the special shafts made of steel. The specific combination of a carbon fibre core and an aluminium coating ensures high load capacity and exceptional resistance to knocks, and is available at a competitive price.

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