Our products

Many years in the field of converting attributes Trasco as one of the most cutting-edge production companies in the production and marketing of a diverse range of products, designed and manufactured according to the usage characteristics highlighted by the customer. The extensive experience and continuous training of our employees allows for detailed and timely service. Thanks to an efficient system of planning and coordination between the technical office and the operational department, Trasco manages to design and build the products requested, in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Expandable special pneumatic shafts

Our solution is the unique Carbon Fiber airshaft in the world with expanding strips. Since we produce it by pultrusion with particular equipment, it is extremely accurate in dimension, in material composition and linearity. The type of fibers and their particular arrangement give the profile a greater flexural strength than steel, but with a 80% weight reduction (4.15 kg/m vs. 25 kg/m).

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Pneumatic Expandable Shafts

The range of expandable shafts includes versions with slats, bent tiles and keys. Based on the accurate design of the technical office, the shafts can be made with different materials: ultra light-weight aluminium shafts, light-weight high capacity carbon fibre shafts, high capacity steel shafts.

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Rotating supports

The range of supports includes versions with feet and flange, sliding and tilting, idle, or with dragging spindle.
Trasco also provides complete brake supports, as to cover all possible customer needs.

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Expandable heads

Pneumatic and pneumo-mechancial heads made by Trasco used for coil winding and unwinding. These products are also made according to specific customer needs.
The body of the head can be made in steel or aluminium, for special requirements of capacity or lightness.

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Trasco produces a wide range of rollers: idle, straight or curved rollers and expansion rollers.
It is also possible to choose from a wide range of surface treatments, including: natural anodizing, hard or coloured and plasma shell, nylon and cork.

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